How to use procedural generation in cocos?

How to use procedural generation in cocos?

There has been a rise in the number of platformer games and procedural generation becomes a very important component. I want to know how we can use procedural generation in cocos2d-js?

I would use Creator instead of cocos2d-js at this point.

I’m using Cocos Creator (just switched). Can you give me a clue on how to generated terrain infinitely? I was using UE4 (for a 3D console game), where we used box collisions to spawn a new tile. I’m new to cocos and unaware of how to do the same, here, with 2D. Any guides will be greatly helpful

There is no pre-made thing in cocos creator to define 2D terrain, you need to define your own logic to make terrain based on some parameters.

about 2D terrain, you can see tiledmap in examples!