How to use old JS project in Creator?

I have an old project in JS, it’s a card game. I used to code with Cocos Code back then. How can I use it with new Creator now?

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Cocos Creator and Cocos-2D-JS have many differences in terms of architecture.
Most of the APIs used are similar, hence you may have to port it into Cocos Creator.
You may also try going into Project->Project Settings->Custom Engine and see if changing the engine would help you or not.

I am in same situation.
I have a cocos2d-js game.
3 years ago, I converted createjs game to cocos2d-js game by js engine customization.
It uses cocos2d-x 3.17.
Now Cocos Creator’s js engine, architecture, development method is much different with cocos2d-js.
I need to the find best way to save my cocos2d-js game with cocos2d-x 4.0+.

My questions are;

  1. I would like to know if I can use the customized js engine with Cocos Creator.
  2. Even if I use it, if there’s Creator’s upgrade or JS engine’s upgrade, what’s the solution for version upgrade?
  3. Any other cocos community site that I can meet cocos developers?

I welcome cocos developers to join my project.
If you’re interested in js engine customization and Creator work, you can work with me and I will pay you.

Many people are in the same situation as Kanazawa_Ryo. It is very bad that cocos2dx-4 does not have JS anymore. We based our game on cocos2dx 3.17 Javascript, and it is a large game. Moving to creator seems to take a lot of work. Why keep us hanging in the water like that? without previous notice? If I have to rewrite our game, I will abandon cocos completely and use an engine that has more stable development…

I am willing to offer a job to any group that can add JS back into cocos2dx-4

Or that can move our game to creator seemlessly

To be completely transparent. Cocos2d-js hasn’t been updated since around 3.13 iirc.

I agree changing again is painful. My hope is we complete work on a tool that supports porting cocos2d-js to Creator.

Thanks for the fast reply. Well, I am not experienced with Creator much, but from the first few looks, it will be tough to have a tool do the job. Our game loads JS from a server via websocket, also loads assets from the server, then runs the scenes. Creator seems based on each scene.

It may be easier to add the cocos2dx 3.17 JS engine to Creator. Than making a tool.

All we need is a track for the future… Say we keep using cocos2dx-3.17 for now, but then, for example Apple forces us to use Metal, we will be dead in the water.

If we can use the JS engine from 3.17 (or 3.13 as you say) under Creator, it will be fine, provided that the graphics engine is updated when Creator is updated.

Or maybe the best solution is to add JS back into cocos2dx-4. Again thanks slackmoehrle, I love Cocos and am willing to help. If you can put me in contact with a person or group who can do that, I am willing to pay them, and release it to the public.

I’m wondering if there was a PR that you could fork the engine and revert the PR. I’ll need to look at this and talk to the team. Please give me until Monday to work on my end.

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Sure thanks.

helpful. thanks a lot.

Hi slackmoehrle, please dont forget us, there are many people in the same position.

I am talking with the engineers about possibilities.

We cannot think of a way to add cocos2d-js back into v4. The main issue was the work involved to maintain JS these days.

Thanks for trying, unfortunately, we will have to move away from Cocos then…

I wish we could make you happy. My apologies.