How to use mssql?

How to use mssql?


npm install mssql -> error
npm install adodb -> error

Unable to get property ‘~~~’ of undefined or null reference

ActiveXObject -> only IE. other browser error

i can’t search mssql in cocos creator

Is there a problem with the npm installation method?

this npm install

  1. cocos creator project open
  2. visual studio code open
  3. terminal -> npm init -y
  4. terminal -> npm install --save sequelize
  5. terminal -> npm install --save tedious
  6. mycode.js -> var Sequelize = require(‘sequelize’);
  7. build Browser -> SCRIPT5007: SCRIPT5007: Unable to set property ‘Terraformer’ of undefined or null reference

Is there something wrong with the order?

How to npm install ?

How can I use mssql?

other npm -> same. error.