How to use lua scripts on the cocos2dx c++ project in Android Studio

Hello everyone, I have a cocos2dx c++ project,
This project can be run on Android Studio without luaScripts,
Now I want to add the lua engine to this project, but I don’t know how to configure this Android Studio environment.
The version of the cocos2dx engine I am using is 3.17.2.
I have copied the “cocos2d-x-3.17.2/cocos/scripting” to “my project/cocos2d/cocos/scripting”.
and copied “cocos2d-x-3.17.2/external/lua” to “my project/cocos2d/cocos2d/external/lua”
What should I do next?
Do I need to modify the CMakeLists.txt and files? How to modify?
Help me please,Thank you very much

Very anxious, please help me

I have solved this problem, I think too much,but it is not that complicated Actually