How to shared create game leaderboard and shared and rate game

How to shared create game leaderboard and shared and rate game

Hi everyone i would like to make the leader-board for my game and create shared and rate button to allow player shared the play result as well as rating the game. I am also want to allow the player invite friends to play the game.

I mean implement features: Invite friends, Maintain a leaderboard, get friends photo and their score, Posting etc

But i don’t have experience, don’t know where to start.

Can any one guide me to implement these?

To create leaderboard on any platform you need a back-end server to store game data, that can be accessed by all your game users.
To achieve this you have to:

  • maintain your own server, or

  • use 3rd party BaaS providers

To go with first option, you must have expertise in server side development. Also, it may slow down your development time cycle and will have large impact on your overall cost.

You can also go with second option as there are many BaaS players in the market like Shephertz.

They have very great support on cocos2dX and a separate SDK written in C++. You can have a look on their samples and documentations. They have comprehensive set of APIs to serve almost all kind of needs related to Social Leaderboard, Buddy management, Avatar management, User management and a lot more. You may get all your requirement with better support.

Thank you,