How to see console.log on Facebook Instant Games Android?

Is there any way to see the output of console.log when running the game on Facebook Instant Games - Android platform?

I am looking at adb logcat but the cocos logs don’t show up there. Any ideas?

Hi, you can check the vConsole option before you build.

After running the game you can see the vConsole button:

Click this button and you will see the log messages:

Hi @yufang.wu ,

Great suggestion! I should have clarified my question though, as we are using vConsole already but it’s kind of hard to use on mobile if you want to get your log out and go through it on your computer, search through it, attach it to a bug report, etc. So I was hoping there was another option too.

Thanks for the response.

Sorry, if your game can only on facebook instant game, we cannot debug directly unless Facebook have debug port for chrome.

but ,you can run on computer for debug, look at this Docs, or you can find the docs at Facebook Developer Docs

If your game only have errors on android mobile , you can only use vConsole.