How to scroll background with large collider in cocos2d-x box2d?

Currently, the big background has a static body, and to make it work similar to the Follow action,
Is there any way to directly transform the body of the background?

Is there any simpler way to implement it like a camera?
I am going to make a Top-Down View game now.

I really need your answers.
Sorry for bad english

current code

Vec2 diff = touch->getDelta();
b2Vec2 worldDiff = screenToWorld(diff);

for (set<RUBEImageInfo*>::iterator it = m_imageInfos.begin(); it != m_imageInfos.end(); ++it) {
	RUBEImageInfo* imgInfo = *it;
	if (imgInfo->name == "image0")
		b2Vec2 bodyPos = imgInfo->body->GetPosition();
		b2Vec2 newPos = bodyPos + worldDiff;
		Size mapSize = imgInfo->sprite->getContentSize();
		b2Vec2 contentSize = screenToWorld(mapSize);
		b2Vec2 worldWinSize = screenToWorld(winSize);

		if (newPos.x > 0)
			newPos.x = 0;
		if (newPos.x < worldWinSize.x - contentSize.x)
			newPos.x = worldWinSize.x - contentSize.x;
		if (newPos.y > 0)
			newPos.y = 0;

		imgInfo->body->SetTransform(newPos, imgInfo->body->GetAngle());