How to run cmd by cocos console while have multi targets in ios project

i has a project using cocos2d-x 3.2
then in my ios project in xcode, i created another target.
just like project TestGame, target TestGameCn and TestGameEn
so while i run the cmd " cocos run -p ios", how can i choose the exactly target i want and run?

Change the directory to traget project then run cocos command
Ex to run target TestGameCn:
$cd TestGameCn
$cocos run -p ios

is in the same project
just like this:

is just has two different target inside the project, each one has a .plist file

I thought its better to make single target then detect the language using code to decide which plist to use.
This subject may be helpful:

but if i want to plugin different SDK to different target ? Any suggestion?