How to rotate a scene from vertical to horizontal with cocos creator 2.3

I have scenes that are vertical and my game scene is horizontal I would like to know how I could rotate my game scene when we get there

Thanks in advance for the answers
I am new in cocos creator and i have version 2.3

Rotate a scene? why you to rotate a scene?
one thing you can try is rotating canvas

are you referring to portrait and landscape because you are talking about vertical and horizontal?

You can refer to :cocos-awesome-tech-solutions/demo/Creator3.4.0_2D_ScreenSwitch at 3.4.0-release · cocos/cocos-awesome-tech-solutions · GitHub
it based on creator 3.4.0.

Yes exactly, I would like to do at some point go from portrait mode to landscape mode

I’m using creator 2.3 so I can’t do it with that version.

You can refer to this 2.x solution at