How to report issues? Found Issue in TextureCache::addUIImage

There doesn’t seem to be any way to report issues found in the code. Is this only possible for contributors?

I found an issue in the TextureCache for all the platforms under debug builds. The method

CCTextureCache::addUIImage(CCImage image, const charkey)
is documented that if key is null then it should always create a new texture. However currently the CCAssert
fails if the key is null.

472 CCTexture2D* CCTextureCache::addUIImage(CCImage image, const charkey)
473 {

  • 474 CCAssert(image = NULL, “TextureCache: image MUST not be nill”);
  • 474 CCAssert(image != NULL, “TextureCache: image MUST not be nill”);

Just report here. I have fear of “issue exploding” just like android community Therefore, creating issues is only open to developers & active contributors, but everyone can update issues.

Thanks for reporting this bug, issue #911 is created to trace it.

Great, it wasn’t as simple as just fixing the Assert. I’ve posted the complete (patched)
method as an issue update.

I can see that the number of issues might explode, if no control is taken. However is it possible to update the FAQ thread
to describe how to report issues?

Thanks for all your work in cocos2d-x project:)

BR, Johan