How to protect or encrypt my game's resources from being extracted by others in cocos2dx

currently my game’s resources can be extracted just by unzipping but i want to hide them or encrypt that others cant extract or re use my assets, can you guys help in this.

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if you using a sprite sheet you can use the built in pvr.ccz and add encryption to it in cocos2dx you use it this way.

/** Add you SpriteSheet Name Here **/
ZipUtils::setPvrEncryptionKey(0x5f2c4923, 0x635ebbaf8, 0xe5a6ee49, 0x32ffe0cf);

Hi there,
before you start with encryption you must understand that you are NOT going to be able to fully protect yourself from people stealing your assets. The closest you can get is to make it hard and/or not worth the time investment into decrypting it, however everything, whether its a graphic, an audio file or a text must be decrypted anyway before being shown to the player, so everything can be extracted.