How to play sounds or sound effects in silent mode?

How to play sounds or sound effects in silent mode?
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i have an educational app which used audio instruction to teach kids. so i dont mind if my app makes sounds while phone is on silent mode. Currently if i turn my iPad silent (by switching on the silent mode from hardware toggle switch) AudioEngine doesn’t play any sound. How to do that?


But you have asked your device to silence sounds. It isn’t fair that a game engine override that, in my opinion.


if we play video in youtube of music in any music app it can play sounds while device is in silent mode.
So if an app require that i think that should not be a problem. for any game i also dont want that happen but for a learning game which i use to teach my kid can have that, i wont mind it. (my opinion).


@aqeeliqbal I never heard a product that can do that. if you on the true silent mode you won’t hear anything on youtube. it just doesn’t make sense.

But it can be you are a bit confused about silent your incoming calls/message alerts then silenting your device volumes. these are two different mecansims and as long as you are on call/messages silent you cocos2dx games will still be capable of playing music.

However when the device volume is shutdown completely there is no way you can make the game make any sound and honetly if this is a requirement you have, you should change your design :slight_smile: