How to make playable ad?

Hello everyone!

I normally make facebook instant game, but today my boss ask me to make playable ad.

I’ve played some playable ad on android but i dont understand how to build it? And how to make redirect link to google play? I haven’t seen any tutorial about making playable ad by cocos creator or API or anything!!

If someone know about this please tell me, thank you!

A playable ad is also a html5 game basically. What is different you are looking to achieve than what you did for facebook instant games.

A playable Ad follows many rules and for many networks you need implement MRAID routines and integrate network’s API. (see ironsource, facebook, charboost, applovin etc…) and a bit networks want html game inline.

I mean more details about makeing playable ad

1.How to export HTML 5? Is it “web mobile” in build seletion?
2.How to redirect user to google play or ios store? I haven’t found any cocos creator API do it?
3.When i complete the HTML 5, so where to put this file?

My company is specialized in Playable ADS (and games) you can find our work in and from our experience:

  1. I’m afraid that cocoscreator for now is not compatible for make playable ads (we hope this feature comes early :P)

  2. to redirect on store, you need call javascript API for each networks. For sample, google play want when you press CTA (the install button)

             if(typeof ExitApi !== 'undefined' && ExitApi != null) {
                 console.log('*** use ExitApi ***');

this for google. For other network you call other API.
3. you need contact the ads networks… for facebook you need load your html file in for google, this is the test page

Here is solution to generate single HTML5 for Cocos 2.4.0:
github .com/revelatiosgn/SingleHTML5Generator

Hello, for quite some time I’m trying to make this solution work. Does it work in your case?

I made some errors gone, but now I’m getting:
“utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xb4 in position 3: invalid start byte”
on line:

Thank you very much for your time!