How to make a new project with Box2D????

How to make a new project with Box2D????
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I dont know why change the shit project generation. I dont found any way to make a simple box2d projects.

How i can generate a new project with box2d instead of the shit chipmunk?

I only see that the cmakelist.txt has a flag there, but everything is so confused in this new version.


@prchakal I feel your pain.

It took me about 2 hours to get my previous Box2d project to link with the latest cocos2d 3.0. Here is what I had to do, not sure if it is correct yet but at least it is linking, I have some other problem in running the game:

For Visual Studio 2012:

Right click on libChipmunk and remove if it from the project exists.
In Project properties change the CC_ENABLE_CHIPMUNK_INTEGRATION=1 and replace it with CC_ENABLE_BOX2D_INTEGRATION=1

Add the cocos2d\external\Box2D\proj.win32\Box2D.vcxproj to your project.
Right click on the solution and under Common Properties click on Project Dependencies.
Check libBox2d

Right click on game project and under Common Properties click on Framework and References
In References should be libAudio, libcocos2d
Click Add New Reference and select libBox2D

Edit ccConfig.h
Do not define CC_USE_PHYSICS , all this code depends on chipmunk (you might be able to leave the libchipmunk in the project and skip this part)


I used the cocos2d\tools\project-creator\ to generate my project. Loaded up the \Game\proj.win32\Game.sln and after making the changes above was able to get my Box2d game compiled and linked with 3.0 (using the latest from github).

It took a little longer than usual since I haven’t used VS2012 much, still stuck on VS2008 at work.



@vegasFBI So good that there are this kind of nice people. Your post saved me hours and nerves. It worked successfully for 3.0 beta 2.


Hi guys, can some of u plz help me with problem(on my post)u can save my life!!!


Is there any chance you could provide me with a stripped down project which has one physics object (sqaure, circle) and debug draw working ?

I know big request, but maybe ill get lucky

I have debug draw class and the GLES-Render compiled, just no idea how make work


Sorry, I’ve been using Unity lately and I’m about 3 years behind in Cocos2d-X, although I keep an eye on it.


Love Unity ! Used it for few months in college. Was lot of fun !