How to load Cocos HTML5 game in ios devices?

In my games app, I used to load the html5 games using URL from the server(during run time, build bundle files (index.html, index.js, CSS, etc…) used load).

Now Apple rejected my games app on ios devices saying, you are violating the guidelines as we are loading files from the outside environment and content may vary at any time.

Now I need to keep the HTML5 games build files inside the ios app itself and run the game.

I’m facing a lot of issues here,

is this the right approach?
is there any other way to do it from your experience?

It would be great if you guys pitch in here!!

Thanks in advance.

I can ask engineering if they have any thoughts.

Just to let you know I have not personally tried this, however, I believe Cordova can be used to wrap a html game and run it on the device. You should check out the information here: Architectural overview of Cordova platform - Apache Cordova

Hope this helps

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