How to list all UUID in current project

How to list all UUID in current project
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Hi @slackmoehrle

I’m updating assets within my game, how can I list all UUID assets so I can check and eliminate redudant asset


are you want to update the assets like sprite in animation, or make all sprites in single atlas?
may be you could write a editor packages to do this automatically.


No, I want to track redundant assets so I can remove them to reduce ipa/apk file size


i still remember somebody told me that if you had never use the assets in project. it would not publish into the final ipc/apk unless it is in resources fold
anyway the uuid link would be in three place i remember
one is the
it has all uuid info about this scene’s node and component
and the second one is the prefab
it has all uuid info about the content used in prefab
and the last one is the anim
it has uuids when you set some assets here like sprite


Thank you, but I do load asset dynamically, so need to list them all, search through source code then eliminate redundant assets


so are you want to search through source code and list all assets’ uuid in resources that used or never used. and do something after this happened? let me think about this

yep.i have an idea. if you load something, in cc.loader, it would have the reference to that thing. so if you log the cc.loader after load end. you would see all the uuid loaded from cc.loader


You can browse project assets database from editor dev tools console. This, I believe, will list all asset uuids (including some standart UI stuff, like default button sprite):


Then you can check dependencies of a loaded asset with cc.loader:

// some asset types have dependencies listed here (idk why):


Thank you, it does list all assets ids, in my case it’s an array with more than 1000 items, this will take time to cleanup