How to link up the Windows SDK?

How to link up the Windows SDK?


An incredibly kind member of this community generously personally guided me through how to get started with cocos2d-x. However, It seems I am missing one more requirement. I have researched into this via the Gitbook and online, but I could not find a solution. On VS2017 community edition, I was about to run the default cocos2d-x Hello world scene but I could not do this for:

So, with the help of the very generous person, I downloaded the SDK and restarted my PC, but I am un-aware of what to with the SDK, unaware of how to link it to VS.

(I am aware you may ask why don’t I ask him, I simply refuse to abuse the already massive amount assistance he is giving me.

I also have attemped research into this, but I simply couldn’t find a direct answer.)

Your error isn’t related to SDKBox. The docs are straight forward. Have you read them? What plugin do you want to use?

Your error is relating to missing the Windows SDK version you are targeting.

Terribly sorry, I didn’t meant to write sdk BOX in the title, I guess I was so used to reading the word sdk box haha.

I has already downloaded the windows SDK when I posted the picture (same as the you sent me) , but my project,'s default hello world which I intend to only run for windows, will still not run.

I made some edits to the main post to make it easier to read.

I don’t understand this.

You are using VS-2017, and cocos default helloworld template made with vs-2013 or vs-2015 so it wont run directly into newer version.

If you see errors carefully, there is solution given.
Right click on every project, click on Retarget Projects and click Ok.
After that rebuild project, it will run.
This you have to do everytime you create new project.
and remember Google is your free friend. :slight_smile:


Worked thank you!!

I added this to our FAQ. @smitpatel88 I’m using the image you marked up :slight_smile: Is that ok with you?

yes, no problem at all. :slight_smile: