How to link prebuilt Cocos2D X C++ library to Android Studio project?

How to link prebuilt Cocos2D X C++ library to Android Studio project?
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@Joseph39, I’m actually don’t understand why you are using windows? It’s so easy to install hackintosh or if you have money buy a real Mac. Under macOS development is amazing. Mostly you develop you game for macOS target, testing easily and quickly. Along with this later testing on iOS. Finally when your game ready for 95% you can try to run it on android.

And yea, on macOS I’ve looks like same setup for android for prebuilt libs, works well.


don’t get confused game development on win32 is also a breeze and very fast along with visual studio and when the game is almost done then start testing on android its the same plane as every one

so as you see i have no reason to switch to a mac right now … having said that i did once try hackintosh i think it was version 10. or so and it was very smooth and fast and xcode seemed to be like or even faster than visual studio

but even if you are developing on a mac there is no escaping the fact that you’re gonna have test and profile on android sooner or later and that’s exactly the moment where all hell breaks loose

and let us not forget that as one of the important steps of testing is profiling
so what am really interested about is how people profile performance in android with the surprisingly lack of ndk profilers it seems left out and no one really cares about

i tried android-ndk-profiler for some time but for some one who is used to visual studio one click profiling makes it really hard to get used to android ndk way of profiling … the setup is bit involved and you have to do every thing by the command line which makes profiling even slower and harder

we are almost in 2018 and still dont have good ndk profilers which makes you wonder what a world we are living in.



Aha, thats was terrible period for me when I started developing for android target using android studio. Well, it’s cheap low-mid quality product, not premium like Apple, so don’t respect that development all will be flawless and simple as for iOS. You are using cheap product so you must suffer with all tools and instruments around it, sarcasm)… or not? I was, really hard…

However, I don’t understand, iOS should be n1 build target, so it’s no sense to use other OS than macOS, because you can build to iOS only from it.
That’s why after all for 2d game developers targeting to priority market(iOS) and doing some A games it’s only 1 option is - Mac.

Also, you’re using old NSK and tools, so it works… same as I’m, but I want to have an option to build prebuilt libs with all the latest updates…


By the way - it’s not working. Tested with latest build tools and get:
Ant (Eclipse project) is not supported from Android SDK Tools 25.3.0.

Is there a way to generate prebuilt libs fro android with latest updates? What command should I use?

Or maybe I can generate it with studio, how? I just need all that libs there… : /Cocos2d-x/prebuilt/android/armeabi-v7a

I;ve created another topic for that.


You have to use old build tools.


@KAMIKAZE yep, you should use old build tools as @piotrros said.

#87 - any changes after this? Can I use latest tools? and

Will it work?

@slackmoehrle this really needs detailed info


Yes, this is “In progress” as labeled here:

I anticipate getting it done this week.