How to integrate with ios firebase

Hello developer friends.

I really miss the sdkbox I had before.

Now that sdkbox support is over, we are connecting firebase natively to cocos 3.5.2 version ios. The reason for linking this is to use analytics, cloud messages, and crashtics.

There are many problems with this linkage this time. If you look at the guide of firebase, it tells you to install the library as a swift package, but since this does not work, more problems arise.

As an alternative procedure, I tried to install using a pod, but the current project is not xcworkspace, so I can’t load the framework.

Do any of you have friends who have linked ios firbase? Once linked, I think you can continue to use it, but it’s too difficult to link this once.

If you have a link that might be helpful, please share!

Find a way and share it. It was possible to use cocoapod, and when I open the project with the “xcworkspace” file with the existing “xcodeproj” file closed, it works normally.