How to integrate sdkbox for Cocos Creator 3.2.1?

How to integrate sdkbox for Cocos Creator 3.2.1?
Loading stuck on this step:

We can ask @htlxyz to help out.

It started to work, but now I can’t find where I need to put sdkbox_config.json?

Hi, just reply my question about sdkbox_config.json.
Where is this file?, I can’t find it in project, or where I need to create it? Thanks

@htlxyz can you help out?

You build the project and SDKBox will produce the file.
Location: I think, its created at the assets folder of build folder.

Please take note, that config will be overwritten every time you build/compile your project. So, you better construct the config inside your codes rather than relying on that file.

So, this is my workflow (learnt it a hard way :P)

  • build your project
  • reimport sdk box changes (by clicking Update on SDKBox GUI, yes it’s annoying we need to reimport every time after a build process)
  • compile your app
  • update sdkbox config file (all your changes were gone due to compile/reimport)
  • compile again

do you have small example of using SDKbox with Cocos Creator 3+ in scripts + setup sdkbox config in scripts? Thanks

I can’t share ours as the app must be submitted to google to test and also we need to add you as an internal tester in play console to test our game.

here is a sample project for iap on creator 3.x

you can put sdkbox_config.json under path build/ios/assets