How to insert external rendering functions?

I’m a contributor of Effekseer, which is OSS third-party particle effect tool.

Some people requests to support Effekseer in Cocos Creator.
EffekseerForWebGL renders effects to current framebuffer directly.

I’m searching a function to insert external rendering functions in Cocos creator rendering flow like CommandBuffer.IssuePluginEvent (Unity’s function)

If this function is implemented, SpriteStudio, Live2d and many third-party tools can be used on Cocos Creator.

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Need WebGL api to support, you can port it like this Component.

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Thank you for your information.
I saw a code.
It seem that live2d draw images into a framebuffer and the framebuffer is shown with SpriteComponent.

This method can only show transparent images.
Effekseer shows additive images and distorts backgrounds.
So it is not enough.