How to get polygon collider worldpoints in cocos creator 2.4.10

Hi all, If you have already used Intersection2D for collision detection using polygon collider in cocos creator 3. x version. You would know about the ‘WorldPoints’ method which converts all the polygon points w.r.t world coordinates. Right now I am working on cocos creator 2.4.10 and I want to Implement collision detection using a polygon collider. I could use the Intersection method. Unlike the 3. x version there is no such method to convert the polygon points to world coordinates. Has anyone worked on the polygon collider in the 2. x version? Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance.

try this in 2.4 version

if (cc.Intersection.pointInPolygon(touchLocation, {
            console.log("Collision Success");

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to detect collision between two objects (Intersection.PolygonPolygon). This works when Involving a touch event on a collider object.