How to get mouse down coordinates in local space?

I am using Cocos Creator 3

I have a sprite on the screen. I am getting mouse down location with following;

this.node.on(Node.EventType.MOUSE_DOWN, (event: EventMouse) => {



It seems like these are global coordinates.
Is there a way to get them in local coordinates?

hi,Is this what you want?

It seems the positions I am getting is global screen coordinates
What I would like to get is coordinates local to the sprite.
If I click bottom left of the image I am getting
Vec2 {x: 110.5, y: 256}

But I should be getting something closer to 0,0 if it is local to the sprite right?
it seems this is what you want.
for example:

The clicked position is the coordinates of the anchor point relative to the node.

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