How to get ModifierState with Eventkeyboard in cocos creator 3.5.2?

I am focusing one problem with EventKeyboard in cocos creator 3.5.2.
I can get keycode for Input.EventType(KEY_DOWN, KEY_PRESSING, KEY_UP).
I need to check if capslock is on or off.
How can I do it in cocos creator 3.5.2?

It seems that it is possible to register SystemEvent to cocos Event by using input object.
But, I am not sure how it works.

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yes, you can try to get ModifierState from KeyboardEvent

Thank very much for your help.
It is possible with KeyboardEvent.
But, it seems keyboardEvent is deprecated from cocos creator 3.4.
Instead of, EventKeyboard is supported.
How can I use KeyboardEvent in cocos creator 3.5.2?
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We will remove the rawEvent later when we have a complete alternative, which you can currently get through the rawEvent.