How to get local ip address in code?

How to get local ip address in code?
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In Cocos Creator top left hand corner shows the local ip.
How can I retrieve this info by code?

I want to try display that info running on my testing web build.


I don’t think you can do it in a straightforward way, but you could use third-party service like to get clients IP. Or make your own server that responds with requesters IP.


There is nothing built-in Cocos2d-x to help you with this. You will need to use 3rd party functionality or go hit up your OS for possible help.


I only want to retrieve this information when doing local testing. For example, my local network ip changes daily because my computer is on a network. So when I m doing debugging I have to change the ip each day on my local computer, it’s not a big thing but when I m seeing the info staring at my face right in the editor I was hoping it’s some editor function I can use in code.


I was hoping there is editor functions because that info is right in the editor for debugging purposes.


The editor can get IP directly from your OS, while game can’t access your OS’s resources so directly.