How to fix this in Cocos Create

i cant see it my Nodes. it bcz Scene move so far away i dont know why this happen when i create prefab its happen.



which version of creator are you using?


Can you describe in detail how you created the prefab? Also open this tool to see if there are any errors reported in it:

i am create prefab like drag and drop to prefab folder nothing else i did , and now i cant do it anything they showing too much big dimension i dont know why.

when i drag and drop same prefab then its show proper but i am particular prefab then its showing like 1st screen which i upload

and every time this dimension value change.

how to add a particular prefab? i tried to drag and drop prefab, and it works well. Is this question a must-have?

its Scene Bug when i put same prefab in another Scene its showing proper but when i need to edit prefab i cant do it i need to first add into scene then i can edit , its happen in few prefab other prefab working proper

2 diffrent prefab i cant see it bcz its so far away from 0,0

Can you show me the prefabs that reproduce this problem?What are the characteristics of these prefabs?

@linrm i send you prefab check it

Here the coordinate value is set too large, change the smaller will be normal.

@linrm Thanks

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