How to export game to .apk using a .keystore in cocos2dx-3.2

How to export game to .apk using a .keystore in cocos2dx-3.2


Hi every one, Before i use the cocos2dx version 2.2 to develop my game, when i want to publish my game I must use the Eclipse to build and export the game to .apk file, when I export it ask me to provide a .keystore file (can create new key file, or using an existing).

Now i try to using cocos2dx version 3.2, it sound i can not build by using Eclipse to open project, I must using command line tool cocos to build.

The command as below
cocos compile -s path-to-game-folder -p android --ap 16
it will create a .apk.
I wonder, if i publish the .apk to the Google Store, does it i must sign a .keystore file, and if required the .keystore file how to do?

How about if i upgrate my old game from cocos2dx version 2.2 that already publish on Google Play to the cocos2dx version 3.2 and update to Google Play. Does the people already install the 2.2 version can upgrade to the new version easy.


You can only upload an APK update with the same signing. So if the game compiled with cocos 3.2, you have to be sure the APK is signing with the old keystore file. After that everybody can download the update.

Even if you write an update in the future with Unity or Unreal, as long as you sign it with the same key, you can upload it and Google will not complain.