How to enable chipmunk in cocos creator 1.7

How to enable chipmunk in cocos creator 1.7
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I am using cocos creator 1.7 in Mac.the chipmunk.js file is insane engine/external/chipmunk foler and under project setting under module config panel chipmunk library is clicked.but still I m unable to use the library

var space = new cp.Space(); is generating error cp is not defined


how did you define cp?


cp is default for chipmunk
as cc is for cocos library
the same code is working in cocos creator 1.4 and in 1.7 its working only in browser
but not in the desktop simulator.


i see, i’ve had problems with simulator not working at all but it’s not important for my project so i’ve ignored it. maybe simulator has issues as of recent cc versions.


The problem is that chipmunk library is not working in desktop builds in 1.7 version .only working in the web build.


Thank You!!