How to dispatch events from Objective-C to JS?

How to dispatch events from Objective-C to JS?

Hey guys!
I’m trying to integrate the AppLovin SDK to my game, and as the SDKBOX ADS plugin doesn’t support this network, I’m having to implement it from scratch. Everything works well on Android, but I’m stuck on the iOS implementation.

I created an Obj-C class and managed to call its methods from a JS class. However, I have no clue how I should respond to my JS class from my Obj-C class. Take for instance a situation in which the Obj-C class shows a rewarded video, then it must notify the JS class that video has ended in order to resume the game.

I used the “” class on Android to call JS functions from my JAVA class, but apparently, there’s no equivalent class on the iOS implementation.

How should I dispatch these callbacks from Obj-C to JS?
Any ideas?

I don’t think this is on-topic for these forums, this is really a general Objective-C to JavaScript question, perhaps: