How to debug without iframe emulator on desktop?


How do I debug my game in browser without the iframe wrapper on the desktop?
I want the desktop version to be the same as the mobile version without wrapping the game inside the div with the emulator selection.
I do not want this being shown with this toolbar and place within the iframe


Hi, you can open your browser’s developer mode and click the button in the image below:

Thanks, it seems that if I rotate or select responsive, it’ll still show the toolbar though.

You can add preview template, and modify the html code to reach what you want.

A template project:

Html code:

About custom web preview, you can refer to this document:

Ahh cool, that’s what I wanted, thanks!

Do you have the mobile preview template for 3.x?
First I tried to copy and replace the preview template ejs file with the build template mobile-web file but the iframe tool box still appear
Then I tried removing the additional div so that it only have in the body tag like the mobile-web template

<canvas id="GameCanvas" oncontextmenu="event.preventDefault()" tabindex="0"></canvas>
  <%- include(cocosTemplate, {}) %>

then it says

 UI element .toolbar doesn't exist.