How to debug Hard crashes on device

How to debug Hard crashes on device
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Hi guys,

Anyone has any idea on how we could debug hard crashes? These only happens on devices and can randomly appear anywhere from 15 mins to 1 hours of running the game. I profiled the memory using xcode, and it doesn’t seem to be due to a memory issue as sometimes when it crashes, the memory usage is only at 300-400mb on an iphone 5. I use alot of spine for character animations, and do lots of dynamically loading and releasing using cc.loader.

There isnt any useful logs or error messages that gets displayed, the device just crashes and xcode just pauses on exception.


Most likely, the reason is chaos of memory. Especially in the jsb environment. :joy:

Maybe you can try enable the Memory Management options in the XCode like this:


Ah, ok, will check it out, thanks =)