How to create integer array in cocos2d-x v3

How to create integer array in cocos2d-x v3
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When i create integer and float array using vector , it says Integer is deprecated.

cocos2d::Vector<cocos2d::Integer> arr;

So how i should i create integer array and add elements to it using cocos2d::vector

i dont want to use std::vector as i want to use function getRandomObject() which is not available in std::vector.


You have to use Value.

Why not using the random functions of STL and use that value for the index?


yes you are right, this way is good. can you share one simple example or a link as i am unable to access object at index of array…using std::vector.


Don’t take the trouble, got it done…thanks…


how you have done that?


How did you solve this issue ?