How to create in a 2d context an ambient light

Hi, i would like to create a level 2d for a graphic adventure, but i need a light effect for some part of the game.
is night, i am with my player in a dark room where i want to light up a lamp and see a little area of the room, i want to light a torch etc

how could is it possible in Cocos creator? i’m not expert with shaders, is there a module to integrate to CC? how? my CC version is the 3.7.0, but i have some 3.6.x too

Here is an example of what i want to do (this is made with another engine like gdevelop that give you already this feature)

+1, I would love to have this feature too.

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Sorry, the engine does not provide this feature at the moment. However, we do provide a solution with a reference example that you can refer to