How to create a sprite game object with the base64 URL as sprite frame?

Hello, I am trying to build a game for the Facebook platform and trying to create a profile picture sprite with the Facebook user photo base64 URL, but could not achieve this. please help on the same.


 assetManager.loadRemote(FBInstant.player.getPhoto(), {ext : ".jfif"}, (err : any, image : SpriteFrame) => {

            PlayerDataCache.Instance.avatarFrame = image;
let img = new Image();
img.src = srcurl;
img.onload =function(res){

Thanks @Koei this also works and in cocos there is way to handle like below.


remoteUrl = "";
assetManager.loadRemote<ImageAsset>(remoteUrl, {ext: '.png'}, function (err, imageAsset) {
    const spriteFrame = new SpriteFrame();
    const texture = new Texture2D();
    texture.image = imageAsset;
    spriteFrame.texture = texture;
    // ...

remote URL is your base64 string URL address. make sure you are adding {ext : ".png") in options.