How to check the previously purchased IAP?

How to check the previously purchased IAP?
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Hey all,
I’ve developed an app using cocos2dx sdkbox.
I’ve added non consumable IAP for my app, and I successfully did the purchase part…
My game have few Characters in the custom store, I added a lock graphic for each character, and the player can purchase each character.

My problem is, after the player bought my non consumable IAP character, how can I detect which character he bought in order to remove the lock graphic for that corresponding IAP?

Is there any way to show the built in IAP store?? (Can be customized if necessary)
Like we show built in leader board and achievements…

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kranthi Kumar Kota


Change the unlockalltheapp part for an unlockCharacter(int slot).

You can always do the check and/or keep the unlocked char in a json. If u need more security use sql lite.