How to change the Launch Screen Image

I made a project with cocos2d-x v4.0.
I changed proj.ios_mac/ios/LaunchScreenBackground.png to a black image.
I cleaned the project and then built it.
However, when I ran it on my iPhone, the cocos2d-x logo was displayed.
I don’t understand why I can’t change the Launch image.
How can I change it?

Check the path, maybe you have to replace ALL LaunchScreenBackground.png files?

I solved this problem by restarting my iPhone.
If you change the image used in LaunchScreen.storyboard and then delete the iPhone app and clean the build folder and rebuild it, the change will not take effect until you restart the iPhone.

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I replaced LaunchScreenBackground.png, cleaned the build folder, removed the app installed on my iPhone, and then rebuilt it.
However, the image on the Launch Screen was not updated.
Finally it was updated after I restarted my iPhone.
It seems to be an iPhone specification.