How to change COCOS2D_DEBUG value

How to change COCOS2D_DEBUG value

COCOS2D_DEBUG value is equal to ‘1’ in both debug and release builds for Android, and I think this will cause a lot of unnecessary code to be in my release build which I do not want. Is there a way to set this to ‘0’ or not define it like it does on iOS ? thanks for any feedback

more info:

@coulsonwang any thoughts?

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anyone could test it out write a statement like this and it will run the statement in both debug and release mode for android

if(COCOS2D_DEBUG == 1) {
// do something

UPDATE: it is fixed in version 3.17.2 haven’t tested it but it should be according to this

Let’s test it…

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I will test it out as soon as I figure out how to edit the .cmake file :rofl: were you able to test it yet ?

just curious does any one know what this code is actually doing different ? would like to know for more knowledge

@IzzyJM Google would have helped with that :wink:

Here’s the info you’re after: CMake Generator Expressions

    1 if config is cfg, else 0. This is a case-insensitive comparison. The mapping in 
    MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_<CONFIG> is also considered by this expression when
    it is evaluated on a property on an IMPORTED target.
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@IzzyJM already fixed here

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thanks alot thats what I was looking for but wasn’t exactly sure what to google :smile: just was wondering because the line that got changed looks alot similar to what it was before im trying to understand rightnow the meaning of the changes why the first one had quotes, guess I got some studing to do

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