How to best develop using TypeScript in cocos2d-x or with Cocos Creator?

My deployment targets are:

  • native-mobile (iOS+Android)

  • native-desktop (Mac+Linux+Win)

  • web (desktop+mobile)

  • for Android: Google Play + WeChat mini games

To meet the above requirements the JavaScript (TypeScript) was a natural choice.

I’ve used cocos2d-js in the past (5 years ago) and I was very happy with it.

Now, it is very difficult for me to understand how shall one use cocos2d with TypeScript development to meet my deployment targets.

Could you please answer these questions?

  1. cocos2d-x itself does not support JS (TypeScript) anymore. If one wants to develop with cocos2d-JS then Cocos Creator is the only way. Is it correct?

  2. to create deployment packages for my deployment targets one has to use the Cocos Creator, correct? Is there a command line option to it?

  3. the nature of my apps is 2d only and I don’t need any of the Cocos Creator features. I’m also fine with fully programatic scenes with no need of interactive canvas as it is used in Creator. My plan is to generate empty project in Creator and continue development in MS VC. Is it appropriate or is there another simple way?

  4. How do I debug? I modify the source code in MS VC and see the result directly in web browser preview using “Play on device” → “Browser”?

  5. what about visual debugging directly in code (watch variables, step into/over, etc)? Is there a support to debug the code in MS VC? What is the recommended way?

  6. What is the typical tool set, Cocos Creator for assets and 3d features and MS VC for TypeScript coding? Any other tool?

  7. What if I want to develop in C++ and deploy to WeChat. Can I do it from Cocos Creator? My assumption is that it is not possible because cocos2d-x 4.0 doesn’t support WeChat deployment and Cocos Creator doesn’t support C++, is this correct?

  8. What TypeScript interpreter is used for native deployment? Back in time it used to be SpiderMonkey.

  9. Do you have any other useful hints or recommendations for me? Perhaps a project start sample code which works with programatically built scenes instead of Cocos Creator ones?

I know that there are answers to many of my questions out there be it was very difficult for me to find relevant and up-to-date information. I hope that your answers could be useful for another newcomers :wink: Thanks!