How to add subMesh to a Mesh - 2.4.3

I’m trying to export from blender a fbx file that I could identify vertex groups or subMesh.

On this example I created 3 objects
1 - Merge of 2 and 3
2 - Cube
3 - Triangle

On object 1,
I added the vertices of the triangle on a vertex group called Group_Triangle
and the vertices of the cube on a vertex group called Group_Cube

When I import it to cocos creator it only displays one submesh event the model 1 with vertex groups

Is there anything I’m missing on the blender side?
Is there documentation to mesh Attributes ?

Ok, so I found out that for each material that I add to the model, it appear as a new subMesh

This question is related to this post, I am hoping to be able get the vertices of each subMesh.

This is working for me.
Adding subMesh and getting thier data with the response on this other post

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