How to add setGlobalZOrder for two sprites of two different parent node in cocos creator

I’m facing overlapping between two prefabs where both the prefabs have different parent node.
I need to change the z index dynamically throughout the game play.
How do i need to add the code here and setGlobalzindex is not working in cocos creator here.

Any other approach ??

Thank you

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@slackmoehrle @pandamicro
Pls provide some solution here.

I have been using cocos creator about 3 year from version 1.xx and tried using function setGlobalzindex . It’s not working but don’t know why it exist in the api list (now removed) :slight_smile:.
Cocos renderer just render nodes by it’s order in scene node tree (from top to bot) In your particular case, just change your node tree design to solve your problem. Hope this help :slight_smile: