How to add Hyperlinks/URLs to RichElementText/RichText?

I noticed that to add URLs to text, the main suggestion was to use RichText together with ::createWithXML().

Is there another way to set URLs to RichElementText or RichText without using createWithXML()?

I’m asking because we had some weird crashes trying to use the XML tags. (And we also couldn’t find any proper documentation with what the createWithXML function actually supports)

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve never used RichText or XML’s with anything (typically just use CCLabels), but then I just create an invisible button over the top of the text that the user would tap to send them to the URL. Normally - I’d change the text color or something from the surrounding text to indicate that it is a link, and then highlight it (change the color to something else) when they have their finger on it to again help indicate that it will do something when they let go.