How to add banner ads (admob) to game ? cc 3.5.2

Hello everyone, how to add banner ads (admob) into game ? I’m stuck at this part . I don’t know how to add to game

you can refer to the document:
you can add banner in android project, then call java methods using JavaScript on Android.

I’ve read it . But i don’t know to how to add adView to game view hierarchy in android project.

you can add the onCreate code to AppActivity instead of MainActivity in your android project, then the adView will add to game view hierarchy.

i try to integrate banner ads like this example googleads-mobile-android-examples/java/admob/BannerExample at main · googleads/googleads-mobile-android-examples · GitHub . i have code it in AppActivity. anh then the banner ads it overlaps the game. I don’t see the game scene. I think this is reason

Tasks like this should be made easier to do, with just few clicks, and intuitive

Something is in the works. Just be patient.

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@lirn how to fix it ? I’m not very good at Android programming