How RayCast Function works? //Technique-wise

How RayCast Function works? //Technique-wise



In my game I create raycast function (thanks for same tutorial :wink: ).
I have lots of physics body created by PhysicsEditor. I dont know why but this raycast function not always detect collision with some PhysicsBody.

It is some bug by cocos2d-x developer’s side? Or maybe I made something wrong? Or RayCast function isnt perfect and dont always detect collision and it’s normal :wink:

Have you got same info about it?


I got same issue like you got.
I found that if the sprite is scaled by number different 1, raycast function will not detect collision with its physics body.
I dont know how to fix it.


Can you use the debug borders and see if the shape/body are smaller than the scale of the sprite?


I’ve enabled debug mode, and the shape is fit with scaled sprite.

I’ve tried on latest version of cocos2dx 3.13.1. This issue is not happened. The version I got problem is 3.2 and 3.5.

Maybe, developers of Cocos2dx fixed in latest version.