How does this compile?

I’m completely baffeled and just looking for an explanation on this:

The AppDelegate class shouldn’t know what cocos2d is as there are no includes.

How does this compile and even run???

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You are extending Cocos2d::Application.

But did you do a clean and build. If not perhaps there is cache or something?

I did a clean build a bunch of times, even created new empy cocos projects and they all run even if the classes have no cocos includes.

@slackmoehrle What kind of magic are you doing in XCode for the projects that it has some kind of global cocos include? :smiley:

xcode has prefix header.

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Oh, is that what those are? Well, you learn something new every day!

Thanks @enrevol

Good call I was thinking Derived Data folder needed to be cleaned/removed.