How do I Read from and Write to a Plist file

Hello everyone,
Today I tried to read something from a plist file but it didn’t work. I just need the game to know if something was set to true or false when the game launches. For that I googled some stuff about reading from plist but I was stuck right here:

What’s the error? Does the file in correct path?

I think you should use FileUtils::writeValueMapToFile and FileUtils::getValueMapFromFile:

std::string path = FileUtils::getInstance()->getWritablePath() + "mysettings.plist";
ValueMap map;
map["hello"] = "world";
map["answer"] = 42
FileUtils::getInstance()->writeValueMapToFile(map, path);

ValueMap readMap = FileUtils::getInstance()->getValueMapFromFile(path);
log("hello: %s, answer:%d", readMap["hello"].c_str(), readMap["answer"]);

That’s amazing, i finally got it working. This is the best answer I’ve got so far. I messed around with it and I finally got what I wanted. I really appreciate it!

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