How do I change the Min property of slider?

can someone help me setting the minimum value of a slider? I am very new to javascript as well as to cocos2dx. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me to set the min value to -100 and max to 100

    extends: cc.Component,

    properties: {
        particle: cc.ParticleSystem,
        gravityX: cc.Slider,
        gravityY: cc.Slider,
        text_X: cc.Label,
        text_Y: cc.Label,

    onLoad () {
        this.gravityX.progress = 0.11;
        this.gravityY.progress = 0.5;

    _updateImageOpacity () {
        this.particle.gravity = cc.v2(this.gravityX.progress * 100 ,this.gravityY.progress * 100);

    onSliderVEvent (sender, eventType) {

    update (dt){
        let particlegravityX = this.particle.gravity.x;
        var particlegravityXFix = particlegravityX.toFixed(0);
        this.text_X.string = particlegravityXFix;

        let particlegravityY = this.particle.gravity.y;
        var particlegravityYFix = particlegravityY.toFixed(0);
        this.text_Y.string = particlegravityYFix;



Do you have access to the API-Ref?

hint, hint

I think i do but no idea how to change the min value

The api-ref shows you a list of calls you can make. Why not review ProgressTimer? Have you looked in js-tests yet too?

Sorry but where can i find these js-tests?

check this link, this may be help full.

Alright that helped for the slider, but i found a color picker that i would like to have in my game, which looks like this: -> ColorPickerTest

Where do i put this piece of code?

I don’t follow. You put this code where you need a color picker object.