How could I create a simple tile-based RPG?

How could I create a simple tile-based RPG?


This may seem like an extremely dumb question to ask but what would be some steps to follow in order to make an RPG? Or what sort of plan or coding scheme would I follow? Any examples or help would be appreciated since I have zero experience in making a game of this genre.

Tiled Editor will get you stared.

Ok thanks for the tip. Does cocos have a built in tile-editor?

nope. Tiled Editor

This will give you some idea how to achieve this. This is a very old tutorial but I have found that if you remove CC from a lot of objects the code works fine. But still if you cannot find the newer version of functions or objects feel free to ask here.

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Wow, thanks for the help!

I’ll be sure to use this and refer to you if anything comes up.