How can I use a webview in a lua project?

How can I use a webview in a lua project?

I can see, at least at some stage, someone provided experimental support for doing this. I should be able to do something like ccexp.Webview:create(), but I’ve listed the keys of ccexp and Webview isn’t amongst them. Is there a flag to the cocos new command? Or do I need to rebuild cocos locally with an added option? Also I’m wondering how robust this experimental feature is. I need it to work under windows for development, and Android for deployment.

I may have found the answer. This code:


suggests that Webview is supported only for Android and iOS, and not for the simulator. Developing on the device is feasible but a pain. My help system is coded in html; is there some automated way I can turn html into something that cocos2d-x can display on all platforms?