How can I show outputs from two cameras simultaneously?

How can I show outputs from two cameras simultaneously?

I need to place a camera on the player and another on the enemy and move both cameras with their respective subjects, and show the outputs of both of these cameras on the screen simultaneously in real time.
how can I do that?

Interesting, can you show me what that might look like? Is there a game out there that does this you can share footage of?

I am not OP obviously - but here are two examples of games that have multiple simultaneous camera views that I thought of.

Screencheat is a 3d multiplayer fps where you look at your opponents view to figure out where they are.

Here is a screenshot from the 2d game The Escapists 2 that shows four slightly different views of the same level each centered over a different player.

@rsamrry, are these good examples of what you are looking to create?

hi @Codemattic,
Screencheat is more like what I was looking for although the idea is pretty simple and general - for each camera to display on a preallocated part of the screen an output which may be different from that of other cameras.
@slackmoehrle, this is pretty basic in unity and needs simply that for each camera we decide the x,y coordinates of the screen it will output to and have different cameras output to different areas of the screen simultaneously. please look into it.

These aren’t mobile games. Sorry I didn’t specify if OP wanted mobile or desktop.

you need set the render target of the two camera!
and then rendering the render data to two sprite component!

you can see the ccc example-cases : render_to_sprite

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