How can i make the app fullscreen on android

How can i make the app fullscreen on android

Hi my app is not fullscreen on android, it left out a lot of space in the screen. My device is RedMi Note 7 with a resolution of 2340x1080, my app canvas design resolution is 1920x640. When i open the app it show up a black space like in the picture. I have to set my app to fullscreen mode in device setting to make it real “fullscreen” like another app (game example). But i dont want my user to do that i want it to be default like any other app. Please help me how to do that?


Check fitWidth in your Canvas node.

Although what you really need to do is look into Widget components.

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I tried both your suggestion but still not solve my problem.

Tried :

Set Fit Height only, Fit Width only, Fit Width and Fit Height, Set canvas widget 4 dimension 0px.

add widget component to your background node and button node, and choose fitWidth on Canvas node

You have different screen aspect ratio between your test mobile and app canvas. 2340 / 1080 = 2.17 and 1920 / 640 = 3.
Thus you should create your textures which have the same relation between width and height as your display.
And there should be any collections of assets for different display’s ratio.
Otherwise you can’t achieve properly scaling of your textures when they will fit to the full screen size. (Textures will stretch).